Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market
      on Cincinnati's west side
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Our Vendors and Their Products
All produce is organically grown.  Although not all the farms and orchard are certified organic, they use only organic methods.

We highly recommend that you pre-order your favorite items from the vendors so they don't sell out before you arrive.  For details about pre-ordering, click on the Additional Information tab.  You may also contact the vendor directly.

Below is a list of our vendors.  You can Eat Well and Live Well through making your food and gift item purchases from local growers and food and non food artisans. 

We currently have space available for vendors.  If interested, contact us here: 


Abundant Green Pastures Ranch provides superior quality 100% grass fed beef from their herd of Red Devon heritage breed cattle.  100% grass fed means you can be assured it  is NON gmo.

They also provide pastured pork, which is NON gmo.

My Personal Walk-In Freezer, an innovative program from  Abundant Green Pastures Ranch, offers customers bulk meat prices without the need of a home freezer.  To learn more about how this program works, visit their website or email them.

Mike and Deb of Abundant Green Pastures Ranch attend market the 1st Friday of each month.



Jenny of Angela's Homemade Pies & Lots More: Homemade baked goods, including fruit pies (whole or by the slice), cobblers, shortcake, cookies, muffins, power bars, and other baked goods; homemade jams and apple butter;  homemade dogie treats. 
Sources many ingredients locally. 


Charles Purdue: handcrafted flutes, jewelry, kid's crafts and activities (beginning at about 4:15)


Karen Blocher, aka Green GRRRL Wisdom, is a Certified Herbalist who provides her handmade soaps, body care products, and home care products.  Karen also has healthful herbal teas, tinctures, and tonics.


Kelby Bowers Fermenting
Kelby has an astounding amount of knowledge and experience fermenting a wide variety of foods.  He shares his knowledge freely with customers, teaching them the basics of fermenting in an easy to understand way.

Kelby also sells fermenting supplies, making it easy for customers to begin fermenting foods at home.  


Linda of Honey Tree Acres Farm & Gardens
:  Eggs and chicken from pastured chickens fed NO gmo and NO soy.  Produce, herbs, potted flowers, and cut flowers, in season. 

Also offers the following certified organic items: popping corn, black beans, white cannellini beans, oats (rolled or berries), spelt flour.  Other pantry items are added as available.  All these items are grown regionally on certified organic farms in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.     



Mary of Learning to Live Sustainably, a General Mercantile Vendor, sells products from numerous local producers.

Products include:

Locally grown peaches, apples, and pears when seasonally available 

Breads from
Sixteen Bricks Artisan Bakehouse (1st & 3rd Fridays only)

Local, raw honey from Bee Haven

Mt. Kofinas Olive Oil bottled in Cincinnati by the Semertzides family.

Bottled Vinegars from the Mt. Kofinas Olive Oil folks.

Our Harvest Cooperative (OHC) Marinara Sauce, tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes.

OHC Produce:  
For a full list of OHC produce and when they are available, call Mary (513) 481-1914 (no texting).   Or email


Natalie and Bryan of Peace And Love Eatery
Provides their signature soup, salad, and hummus, along with their famous Bliss Balls.  New items added throughout the season.

Will not be at market in August; will return in September.



Howard Zuefle of Verdure Landscaping, and Produce
Provides seasonal produce, some familiar and some less common but ultra nutritious.  

Offers a wide array of native plants, scrubs, and trees.

Also offers a variety of landscaping services,  including helping people grow more food and less lawn.


Hello LEWFM Shoppers!

On this page is a listing of our vendors and their products.

All produce at our market is organically grown, and is NON GMO.  The eggs and meats are pastured and are NON GMO. Our offerings are the freshest, best tasting and locally/sustainably grown available. This is what sets us apart from grocery stores.

Part of the fun of shopping at a farmers' market is to see what foods are seasonally available.  Shop at our farmers' market first and you might not even need to go to the grocery store.   

We also offer information about how to Eat Well and Eat Local Year Round.  Just ask when you come to market, or email or call Mary  LEWFMLOCAL@gmail.com (513) 481-1914.
Added Features:

We now accept Food Stamps (EBT Ohio Direction Card) and Produce Perks (double up food stamps for produce).  Prior to making your purchases simply bring your EBT Card to the Market Management Booth for processing.

Kids & Krafts with Charles Purdue, where the kids can have loads of fun, allowing parents to peacefully and  leisurely enjoy the market.  Even kids who hate going to the grocery store love coming to our market so they can hang out at Kids & Krafts (beginning at about 4:15).

Although cash is preferred, the following vendors accept credit cards also: Green GRRRL Wisdom, Kelby Bowers Fermenting, Honey Tree Acres, Peace and Love Eatery.
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