Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market
      on Cincinnati's west side
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Our Vendors and Their Products
All produce is organically grown.  Although not all the farms and orchard are certified organic, they use only organic methods.

Below is a list of our vendors.  You can Eat Well and Live Well through making your food and gift item purchases from local growers and food and non food artisans. 

We currently have space available for vendors.  If interested, contact Mary the Market Manager lewfmlocal@gmail.com
(513) 481-1914 (landline, no texting)  

Abundant Green Pastures Ranch, provides superior quality 100% grass fed beef from their herd of Red Devon heritage breed cattle.  100% grass fed means you can be assured it  is NON gmo.

They also provide pastured pork.  The pigs are pastured and fed non gmo, soy free feed.

My Personal Walk-In Freezer, an innovative program from  Abundant Green Pastures Ranch, offers customers bulk meat prices without the need of a home freezer.  To learn more about how this program works, visit their website or email them.



Mary of Learning to Live Sustainably, a General Mercantile Vendor, sells products from numerous local producers, thus freeing up the farmers/producers to spend their time producing.   

Products include:

Locally grown peaches, apples, and pears when seasonally available 

Our Harvest Cooperative (OHC) farms in Cincinnati and Morrow: 
Jarred Items: Marinara Sauce, tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes.

Turner Farm, Certified Organic Farm in Hamilton County.
Produce when seasonally available

For a full list of produce items and when they are available, call Mary (513) 481-1914 (landline, no texting).   Or email


Eden Urban Gardens, USDA Certified Organic Farm in Cincinnati: 
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Wild Edibles
Local, raw honey from Bee Haven

 Eden Urban Gardens LLC | Facebook

Cliff's Greens
Seasonal Produce
Seasonal Flowers

Sundance Farm
All free range and fed NON gmo, soy-free feed 

Save on your purchases by signing up for egg share and chicken share

Seasonal Produce when available

Will have beef, pork, lamb starting in 2022 


Hello LEWFM Shoppers!

On this page is a listing of our vendors and their products.

All produce at our market is organically grown, and is NON GMO.  The eggs and meats are pastured and are NON GMO. Our offerings are the freshest, best tasting and locally/sustainably grown available. This is what sets us apart from grocery stores.

Part of the fun of shopping at a farmers' market is to see what foods are seasonally available.  Shop at our farmers' market first and you might not even need to go to the grocery store.   

We also offer information about how to Eat Well and Eat Local Year Round.  Just ask when you come to market, or email or call Mary  LEWFMLOCAL@gmail.com (513) 481-1914 (landline, no texting).
Added Features:

We now accept Food Stamps (EBT Ohio Direction Card) and Produce Perks (double up food stamps for produce).  Prior to making your purchases simply bring your EBT Card to the Market Management Booth for processing.

All food vendors accept the Ohio Direction Card (formerly known as food stamps).
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